Our Story


This journey was all sparked by the curious minds of My bestie my Mum, my Godmother and myself.

Having worked in the Wedding industry as a Venue Sales Manager I have always been fascinated and super excited in assisting couples. We saw an opportunity to create a unique keepsake, something creative and personalised. Curiosity turned into creativity and then quickly developed into a passion and maybe admittedly an obsession! We started hitting the vintage stores (like we needed an excuse anyway), with my own daughter on my wrap we were slouching beautiful vintage Levi's denim jackets and that was it - nobody could stop us

We really enjoy the buying process, buying from charity stores that give back and I personally love wearing clothes with a second chance at a new life - I always have. This was now about spreading this message to couples, so that they too could feel that connection from a unique item such as Azul Denim Vintage Jacket on their Wedding Day or wear it to the events leading up to their big day. 

Azul Denim can be the something blue, something borrowed, something new or something old! Azul is 'blue' in Spanish our first language.

We started taking custom orders, getting involved with collaborative photoshoots and I was thrilled to work with amazing Wedding professionals again. 

We believe we can all do our bit to minimise our impact on the environment hence up-cycling and inspired the option to 'hire' the jackets for special events and weddings was again - something I was curious to explore...so I just did it!

Basically what I am saying girlfriend...if you are curious and aren't afraid of being a little bit different then this vintage jacket is EXACTLY for you and your Tribe. Wearing our jackets will be like wearing your fav lippy on an unforgettable night out!

I would love to hear about your Wedding plans (or your bestie's Wedding plans) send me a DM or an email I would love to connect...like today - like right now!